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vmware freezing virtual machine

Dear All,
 I have two virtual machine that keeps constantly freezing for some days, usually every second day.
Others virtual servers are fine and there are no problems.

First virtual machine is Windows 2008 server with SQL and SAP, NOD and vmtools. This machine works fine for long time. Second machine is Windows 2008 R2 with vSphere server 6, NOd and vmtools. This machine starts freezing after upgrade vSphere server 5.0 to 6.0. Both server lost ping and when I try to log in the screen freeze, so I have to make HARD RESET. If I dont login, after lost ping, I can shut down them via cmd (shutdown /r /t /m). Sometimes they are in blueScreen when they starting.

After hours of trying to figure out what could be the cause of this problem I decided to ask if anyone had an idea ? Of course I also searched intensively the web but I was unable to find any hint.

Thanks a lot in advance for any hint or help !
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