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GPO Computer assigned software only installing desktop/start menu shortcuts

I am deploying the latest Firefox and Skype msi's

Downloadable here...

The msi's are stored in a share (Share permissions set to Read for Authenticated Users. NTFS permissions set to Read for Authenticated Users too)

I'm using UNC paths in the GPO.

The software fails to install, shortcuts appear on the desktop and start menu. If you click the desktop shortcut it launches the msi.

The Application event log is recording event ID 119:-
Software Installation encountered an unexpected error while reading from the MSI file \\<FULL PATH REMOVED>\Firefox-44.0.2-en-GB.msi. The error was not serious enough to justify halting the operation. The following error was encountered: The operation completed successfully.

If I run these msi's manually, they install fine. Previous releases from these vendors have always worked. Which to me rules out fault msi files.

The only recent changes to our network is the introduction of our first 2012 R2 Domain Controller (yes the domain was "prepped")

Any assistance will be appreciated :)
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We have 2 domain controllers, 1 2008 R2 and another 2012 R2
My workstations affected are Windows 10 and Windows 7
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1. How do you publish them in the GPO - publish or assign? to computer or to user?
2. enable installer logging, collect the log, and post here. Details at
Hi Vadim
The software in question is assigned to the computer.
I'll report back with the log tomorrow.

I should probably point out though that in the system event log, event id 1058 "unable to read gpt.ini"
What is strange is I can navigate to the location on each DC.

I've removed the GPO the event 1058 is referencing and re-created a new one with the same settings however the newly created GPO is now referenced by event id 1058 and is still an error on the  system log
I might have found the cause to the 1058 errors,
Both DC's had network adapter configuration problems.
Profile on one DC's network adapter had set itself to "public", there also was no secondary/backup DNS entry.
The secondary/backup DNS entry on the other DC had a typo in it.

I will test gpupdate /force tomorrow and see if event 1058 reoccurs.
I would create a very trivial MSI (like, creating one registry key) and tried to assign it by GPO and see if it gets installed. This way you will isolate GPO and network problems from MSI problems, i.e. if this trivial MSI is installed without problems, then you'll know that the problem is with Firefox and Skype MSI's. If you want, we can create such MSI for you.
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You might specify that in the GPO, on the tab "upgrade" - "replace previous versions. Then GPO would uninstall the previous version automatically before installing new one.
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