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Remove Reimage Repair Spyware

 I have a windows 7 PC infected by "Reimage Repair" and I can't seem to remove it.
I have three browsers: IE, Firefox and Chrome. It happens a few  minutes after I begin to browse the internet no matter what internet browser I may use. It begins with "Countdown" warning at the bottom left corner of the browser and it opens up a tab in current browser to display full page ad about "Reimage Repair". I can close this tab and also I can close Firefox without a problem. When I close the browser, nothing happens. It only happens once I open the browser.
This PC had Symantec End Point Protection. So far I installed Kaspersky End Point Protection, Microsoft Security Scanner. They all caught some, but all these protection software failed to remove it completely.
 In Add/Remove section, there is no such a thing as "Reimage Repair".
 I even took the screenshot of "Processes" before opening the browser and compared them against "Processes" after "Reimage Repair" tab appeared. But there was no new process(es), so I can't even find the folder location/file names.
 I found one registry key that had "Reimage" and removed it, but to no avail.
 I have removed IE, Firefox, Chrome, deleted their folders, and re-installed them, but to no avail.
 I logged in as local admin and same thing happens.

 Short of re-installing OS, what would you suggest?
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