Unable to Remove Legacy Exchange 2013

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I need to remove a legacy Exchange 2013....
Deleting the last database from this server, i get the error that “This mailbox database contains one or more mailboxes…”..

I followed this article:

I have no more "things" in the database, still I cannot deleted it....  what else can I try?
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I have a blog posting on this which I really need to complete.
It will be one of these:

get-mailbox -database "Databasename"
get-mailbox -database "Databasename" -archive
get-mailbox -database "Databasename" -arbitration
get-mailbox -database "Databasename" -publicfolder
get-mailbox -database "Databasename" -monitoring
get-mailbox -database "Databasename" -auditlog

If you get one with a mailbox returned, that is what you need to move.



YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! You are a life saver!!
I was missing the
get-mailbox -database "Databasename" -auditlog

Thank you very much!!!!

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