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Craig Paulsen
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Hi Team, I've recently attended the 20341B: Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 course at a training institution here in NZ,
One thing I found is the amount of administration that can only be done using the shell, as opposed to the GUI,
My question, as I'm relatively new to all things exchange, and want to start taking on some of the basic administrative task and work from there to bigger things when it comes to exchange,
Can you point me to a good reference for some powershell commands that can help me with typical day to day exchange administrative task,
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When I started learning PowerShell the same question I had.
I started asking "How do i do this in powershell?" and start digging.
Day-to-day administration task varies person to person.
some tasks are checking queue, DAG Copy status etc.

start with small THINK/SPEAK Powershell and make it large
e.g., creating a new Mailbox.
Q: How do I create Mailbox using PowerShell?
Get-Help New-Mailbox -Full
Get-Help New-Mailbox -Examples

Q: What are the possible verbs related to Mailbox?
Get-Command *Mailbox

Q: What are the possible parameters associated with each Verb-Noun combination?
again, Get-Help Get-Mailbox

Q: I need help for a specific parameter!
Get-Help Get-Mailbox -parameter Identity

Build a script for creating a mailbox using New-Mailbox.
Use PowerShell ISE.
Initially it might be irritating if cmdlets does not work, But Once you get hang of Powershell automatically ideas will start flowing in mind.

IMP: make your habit to keep code clean and formatted, indented, commented.

Sometimes even when I refer my own written script, even I forget how it works, so put some comment at the start of script stating why you created it!.

References: Books, I still refer these books time to time.
Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches
PowerShell in Depth
Video Training
CBT Nuggets Windows PowerShell v2-v3-v4 Ultimate Training

I prefer Books and Hands-On more than learning from Videos, coz
When I read/write it starts trickling down rather than being in short-term memory.

Lastly, its not really important to remember cmdlets, I remember hardly 15-20.
BUT its important to remember how to use GET-HELP, GET-COMMAND and |GET-MEMBER
Craig PaulsenSenior Systems Engineer


thank you Vaseem Mohammed, this is brilliant, exactly what I was looking for in terms of getting my started, apologies for the late response...
Craig PaulsenSenior Systems Engineer


brilliant, thank you

Hi Craig,

How's the Exam 70-341 ?
is that hard to pass or easy ?

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