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Good choice for connecting two offices together via VPN Gateway-to-Gateway..


I need to connect two offices that are across the parking lot from each other.  The CEO does not own the two properties. so running cable does not seem to be an option, but is under consideration if we can get permits and such.

What we were considering was setting up a VPN Tunnel between the two offices, but I wanted to get some ideas which networking requirement would be best suited.
> Our main office has a Netgear 318G, the remote site only has the Modem/Router provided by the ISP.
> We have two ISP vendors for each of the building.
> We have a budget and cost is a consideration, but the CEO wants a good solid solution, so we are willing to pay for good reliable equipment.
> We will be running VoIP over this VPN.

We are familiar with the NetGear ProSafe products and we have had good support and service from their products, so they are on the short-list.

I ran across a Networking company by the name of WarchGuard and from their training videos, they look to be pretty good, but we have ZERO experience with them.

Cisco is the 'top-dog' but can be very pricey, we are small company 20-25 users, so not sure if Cisco is for us.

What we are looking for is a VPN Tunneling solution that we can maintain without having to have an industry certification, that is cost effective, and does not take a college degree to setup and make changes.

Any suggestions?

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