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Excel adding number to a decimal number

Hi experts,

I have a long list of decimal numbers that i need to add a number to it.

There is a pattern in the numbers that they start from xxx.0 to xxx.15

When i use the formula =A1 + 23 there is a issue with numbers ending with .0 and .10

If i format the cell in 1 decimal place the number
100.10 will become 123.1
if i format the cell in 2 decimal place the number
100.0 will become 123.00

Is there a formula i can use so i can achieve the results of
A                B
100.0     123.0
100.1     123.1
.                 .
.                 .
.                 .
100.10   123.10

Note: I am using Excel 2007
Microsoft Excel

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Rob Henson

8/22/2022 - Mon