How to install downloaded programs.

Win 10 on a Dell laptop.  After downloading a new program
from Giveawayoftheday, I’m unable to install it because I get
a message that says “unable to find destination folder”.
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Vadim RappCommented:
If the installation does not produce some kind of log, the only way to find out is to run Process Monitor, monitor the installation, and try to find the operation where it does not find some directory.

If you tell what is the specific software, we can try it out, assuming it's still free there.
harold mcmullennetwork techCommented:
do you have option to custom install?
try creating a folder and then typing in the folder you just created in the path
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
Harold - I did a custom install with Win XP earlier today. No such option given with Win 10.

Vadim - How do I run process monitor, when there is no process to monitor?  The program
has to be downloaded from the link below, then installed.
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Vadim RappCommented:
The process to monitor is setup.exe that you run.

Try to run setup.exe as administrator - right-click and "run as administrator".
harold mcmullennetwork techCommented:
Hey GlenAJ,

 I have win 10 also
1. I created a folder called pdfapp in c:\. then I created folder in program files(x86) with same name.
2. I unzipped into the c;\ folder. (changed default)
3.ran setup as admin and installed into program files (x86) folder. (chamged default)
worked like a champ!

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GlenAJAuthor Commented:
Vadim - No process occures when you try to try to run setup.exe  See attached
Run as administrator option not given when you right click

Harold - I installed Win 10 over 32 bit 7 and have no 86 program files folder.  However,
I did make a  pdfapp folder in C and in program files.  Still no luck.

Keep in mind, I have no choice in what folder to unzip the files.  The attached JPG,s  show
what is downloaded and what you get when you open the downloaded folder, and what
happens when click on setup.exe
Vadim RappCommented:
So it looks like your problem is not with the installation, but with unpacking the files from zip archive. Here's an article that describes this:
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your efforts.  I'm wiping this disk and installing Win 7 64 bit. I have all pertinent files
on a jusp drive for reinstalling.
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
typo - jump drive
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