storing pdfs in sql server 2008

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i have an application that generates some pdf files in a directory.

So for example in my application I have a folder called TestFolder that contains the following:


I'm using sql server 2008.

Is it possible to store all those pdfs in into SQL Server?
What i mean is, is it even possible to store pdfs inside a sql server table?
If so what sql server data type is best to store those pdfs?
I mean if these were image files instead of pdfs I could store the images inside a table using image type for the data type. But I'm not sure about pdfs.

Is it better to just store the path to to each of these pdfs in a sql server table.
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I would recommend storing the path in SQL Server.  SQL isn't particularly efficient at working with BLOB data.  You will also be bloating your database instance and affecting backup/restore functionality.  If you have to store them in SQL Server then you will want to use VARBINARY(MAX)
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

Agreed. Always try and avoid storing binary files in your database. Just store a reference to it far more efficient.

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