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Exchange 2010 Conference Rooms Statistics

Hi Expert Team -

I'm in desperate help of a PowerShell script that would provide me with specific conference rooms statistics. Then have the script output to CSV.

The report would have the following:
1. Name of conference room
2. How many meetings did that conference room have in a week
3. Duration of meetings
4. Avg Duration of meetings
5. Avg. Attendees
6. How many meetings are recurring
7. how many meetings booked in the mornings
8. how many meetings booked in the afternoon

I really need your assistance team.

Thank you in advanced.

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Hello World

It's hard to achieve.
However, it might be easy check in Outlook Calendar by GUI.
You can assign full access permission by mailbox or relevant permission for calendar folder to someone, hence others can add resource's calendar in Outlook and check the statistics.

Moreover, you can post your expectation and ask Microsoft for assistance. For your reference:
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I have found a script that allows you to do it with Powershell  by utilizing COM and Powershell cmdlets for Outlook.

can you share this script plz, i have same need