How to edit pictures on a MAC

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Hi experts,

 I have some photos that I want to edit and add text to it, for example my name just in text. Like in windows I can use paint and just add text to it. How can I do this on a MAC?
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There is not a very good free utility. Most images today have much higher DPI than a "Paint" program will handle well. There are tons of good low cost app, free apps and then PhotoShop.  

My suggestion, checkout

Free and very powerful.  Best to use a current version of Chrome or Safari.
The Gimp is a pretty powerful FREE  image editing app that can do that and a lot more.
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I recommend GIMP also.
If all you want to do is to add text, you can do that in the Mac's Preview app. You can also do photo editing in iPhoto or Photos, depending on which OS you have.
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thanks that worked for me.

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