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I am trying to layout a 35 ft wide banner and Illustrator is not letting me make an artboard that big.  Is there a size limit to them.  If so what is the workaround to make something this big?

Thank you!
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When you're working on large banners/mesh you don't need to work at 1:1 scale.

The standard is to work at 1:10 scale (meaning 3.5 ft on your case). The printed result will look great.

If your banner is to be seen at a greater distance, you can work at 1:20 to 1:50 scale.

Dan is spot on.

Whilst the limitation can be a pain when you do large architectural drawings, for banner artwork it is more than enough. The limitation also makes sense because it is at 16384pixel wide.

If you were to give a printer a file at larger than 16k width and 300dpi it is likely to not go through the rip or spooler depending on the print technology as it would run out of memory, let alone your system probably struggle to cope.

If you need large graphics keep in mind Illustrator is predominately a drawing and vector tool, and you can scale up vectors and fonts easily. However, if you are using rasterised images in Illustrator scaled art is the answer here. But yet again if you use 300dpi files or even 600dpi, the printer probably only requires 72 so you can 'inflate' the scaled images later quite significantly without noticing any quality loss.

But I would confirm with your printer, what scale is preferred and if they like the original Illustrator files. That way (if your art is vector base) you can outline all the fonts, supply them the files and they can scale this losslessly at their end.



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