Examples of  Visio Drawings for Oracle Databases.

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  I  have to create Visio Drawings of my Oracle Databases.    This should include Oracle version, OS version, RAM, disk allocated, disk used, Oracle Home location, Backup location,and application frond end servers, etc.

  Where can i see some templates or examples of such drawings ?  - if anyone can show me some that will be great.

  Also,  where to find visio database stencils  or others related stencils to develop Oracle Databases Drawings.    I can not find database related stencils in Visio .

  I am using MS Visio 2010.

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If you have either the Professional or Premium edition of Visio 2010, you're in luck because it includes a database reverse engineering template. (One easy way to determine whether you have at least Professional: do you see a "Data" tab on the Visio ribbon? If so, you have either Pro or Premium.)

On the New page, click the thumbnail for the Software and Database category, and then double-click Database Model Diagram. With a new diagram open, on the Database tab, click Reverse Engineer button. From there, step through the wizard to select your database and Visio will create a diagram for you.

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