javascript snytax error

Can anyone see an issue with the syntax here?
The code compiles ...just complains that the syntax is not proper.
The error seems to be at the end of this line -
 isExpanded: <%= Model.ExpandYearCategoryTree ? "true" : "false" %>

Here is the script:

<script type="text/javascript">        
        <% if (Model.ShowYearCategoryTree)
        { %>
        require(['ListDocs/yearCategoryTreeViewModel'], function(viewModel) {
                years: [ <%= String.Join(",", Model.YearCategoryTreeYears) %>],
                fileAreaSiteId: <%= Model.SiteId %>,
                subscriberId: <%= Model.UserSessionVariables.SubscriberId %>,
                isExpanded: <%= Model.ExpandYearCategoryTree ? "true" : "false" %>
        <% } %>
        require(['ListDocs/fileDrop'], function(fileDrop) {
                fileDropPanel: document.body,
                subscriberId: <%= Model.UserSessionVariables.SubscriberId %>,
                getAddFilesData: function($fileDropItem) {
                    var data = { fileAreaSiteId: <%= Model.SiteId %> };
                    if($fileDropItem.hasClass("jqgrow")) {
                        data.documentId = $fileDropItem[0].id;

                    return data;

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Robb HillSenior .Net Full Stack DeveloperAsked:
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Look at the "View Source" in the page to see if you are getting what you're expecting.
Tom BeckCommented:
Ternary operations have to be assigned in C#. They cannot be standalone statements.

I'm wondering if you can just cast the boolean to a string.

<%= Model.ExpandYearCategoryTree.ToString() %>
Robb HillSenior .Net Full Stack DeveloperAuthor Commented:
no its a boolean
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Tom BeckCommented:
I know it's a boolean but if the isExpanded property requires a string value...
Robb HillSenior .Net Full Stack DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I dont know..its strange...if I end it with a comma the error goes away..but am not sure how thats effecting the that does not seem like proper syntax
Tom BeckCommented:
Have you looked at the source of the rendered page as Dave suggested? What (if anything) is being filled in for the isExpanded value?

What you are really lacking in that whole initializer are default values in case the inline server side code produces nothing. Emptiness is not a valid value in a javascript Object array. If any of those inline code blocks produce nothing, your javascript will fail.

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Robb HillSenior .Net Full Stack DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Tom BeckCommented:
You're welcome. Glad to help. Thanks for the points.
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