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ESXi 5.1 and 6.0 and Gust LSAI SAS vs ParaVirtual

We have ~110 host with 98% of them being WIndows VM running 2008  - 2012 R2 and deploy all VM using templates. Now for the longest time we have always used the LSI SAS which has been tried and true for a long time. One of my coworkers want to upgrade the WIndows OS templates to use the paravirtual. I know bac kin ESXi 4.x ther were issues using the Paravirtual on non-I/O heavy workloads but this have been correct. I am always very gun shy and like consistency in my environment.

What are the pros / cons of switch to Paravirtual? Any issues with Windows 2012 R2, RDM's vmotions etc...

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