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Hi Experts,

I need to create an installation package for an application I have developed.

I have used InstallShield Express in the past as it was a great product and reasonably priced.  However they have remove the ability to provide MS Access Runtime as a Redistributable making this only available in the Pro version for a couple of thousand dollars more.

I am non-profit.

Can you recommend an alternative either product or method?

Bob C.
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There is a number of freeware authoring tools, but whether they support including prerequisite or nested installation is something that probably can only be found by trying them. Smart Packager, Advanced Installer, and Innosetup come to mind.

Other alternatives:
1. Maybe you don't have to necessarily wrap it inside the installation. If your users can run one installation, they probably can run two as well.
2. build standard installation, then edit it by ORCA. You'll have to be intimately familiar with the structure of MSI.
3. If you have Visual Studio 2008, you can use its Setup and Deployment project.
4. Use the link "hire me" in the profile of your favorite expert on e-e.
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Hi Vadim,

I had already looked into a couple of these and some others.

For a non-profit like me anything over say $200.00 a year is too much.

What I did do was investigate and spend about 10 hours figuring out how to do it with WinZip-Self-Extractor PRO which only costs $49.00.

Now I have it working it works very well.

I haven't included the MS Access Runtime as I opted to provide it as a separate WinZip Self Extractor File.

Bob C.

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