Recovering RAID Configuration

spinoza156 used Ask the Experts™
Hi everyone.

I just had an IBM MR10M RAID card fail on my backup server. I've ordered a replacement and before I install it can anyone advise me on my chances of being able to recover the RAID configuration so that I can get my volumes back in action.

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100% .. the drives have metadata on them which the controller will read and "learn" the configuration from.
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 Support
Hello  spinoza156,

Most RAID controllers that I have dealt with can be a bit tricky when introducing a 'replacement' controller into an existing Array environment - Generally the new controller will in some way 'ask', do you want to use the configuration on the HDDs or from the controller.  I believe with the IBM class of RAID controllers, you do this from the ROM Base configuration that is loaded into the firmware of the controller - In the case of the IBM, Control-H should get you into the 'configuration' area.
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noxchoIT Product Manager
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If you ordered the same RAID card then as noted above the drives should be detected as RAID once you connect them to the new card.
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Just make sure you import the configuration from the disks if prompted as the card may have an old configuration stored on it. Shouldn't need to go into the WebBIOS configuration utility as you're prompted to import the disks before the WebBIOS <ctrl>H prompt.


I will follow up with my results once I have the card installed. Thanks everyone!

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