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how to debug a large number of net statistics server sessions error-out

Hello, I am looking at a server that was restarted 7 days ago and has the stats below.  This is a DC that has connections to a remote DC via a VPN and has about 40 laptops via wifi connected.  The server provides AD, file shares and print services.   I know we have had major issues with our ISP but not sure how to identify the errors.  What is the best method in sequence order to help identify these errors?

Statistics since 3/6/2016 4:20:31 AM

Sessions accepted                  7
Sessions timed-out                 296
Sessions errored-out               9460

Kilobytes sent                     44870064
Kilobytes received                 1854635

Mean response time (msec)          0

System errors                      0
Permission violations              184060
Password violations                3

Files accessed                     63200062
Communication devices accessed     0
Print jobs spooled                 0

Times buffers exhausted

  Big buffers                      0
  Request buffers                  0

The command completed successfully.
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Thanks Bing CISM / CISSP,

Ok, I get the security issues and will track those down.

Is there any guide or documentation I could refer to to help me resolve these issues?

Yes, some of this is over slow links and a link that has a bad connection but I do have some problems locally and I want to remove any bad issues, any thoughts on how to debug?
you actually don't need any sophisticated tools kit to troubleshot the issues, just some basic tools and a good understanding about your network topology can help you do that.

here is a good starting point to learn the easaential tools.

in your scenario, PING and TRACERT can help you work out the bottleneck from point A to B across your network though they are just two basic commands.
I have completed pings, traceroutes, nslookups and they all seem to work well.  Not sure how to track down were the errors are comming from, would a wireshark tell me?
permission and timeout issues can be logged in the Windows Event Logs including System, Security and even Applications. please have a check over there.
ends up being the way the server was originally setup and that the hardware had issues too.