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I run a small premium IT Support business / service. I used to work as a system administrator for a large accounting firm and recently got made redundant late last year, so I started my own business and all my clients from the Accounting firm (about 200 or so) came with me as part of the package.

My problem is when clients want to pay via credit card.

I've had a business PayPal account for quite some time that can do this for me, however it requires the client to also have a PayPal account in order to transfer money to me for my Tax Invoices. This is especially difficult for new clients as I have a policy of receiving at least part payment first before I undertake any works and establish a working relationship with the individual or business.

I'm finding that many people do not like PayPal and do not want to open a PayPal account. Indeed, many haven't even heard of PayPal. I've checked with my bank (CBA) to establish merchant facilities but for the amount of work that would be paid via credit card, it's financially nonviable and far too expensive.

So I need a credit card processor that will allow clients to make payments online that I can verify as successful immediately upon them making the payment and also if at all possible, for clients to be able to provide their credit card details to me over the phone so that I can do the online transaction for them if that's their preference.

Can anyone recommend such a service I can utilize? I realize nothing is free and I'm happy to pay a reasonable amount for membership to such a service - it just has to be reliable.

Any suggestions / hints as to where to look would be gratefully accepted.

Many thanks..

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PayPal can do what you want, you'll just need to upgrade to PayPal Payments Pro.  Once you have that you can process credit cards directly on the site just like any other processor, but the money falls right into your PayPal instantly.  No batching out at the end of the day or any of that sort of thing.  

PayPal will also give you a flat rate which will meet or beat anything else you're going to find.  It's also nice to have all of your payments, both PayPal payments and credit card payments, falling into a single account so you don't have to manage two accounts separately.

I can go on, but the point is I recommend you stick with PayPal and sign up for Payments Pro.  They are going to charge $30/mo for that, and then you'll also have your transaction fees, of course.

Then it's just a matter of integrating that into your website.  This can be done in a number of different ways depending on how your current site is built.  

If you happen to be using WordPress / WooCommerce you should take a look at PayPal for WooCommerce.

If you're not using WordPress but you are using PHP I would take a look at this PHP PayPal SDK.  It makes all of the API calls you'll need very quick and easy.

For details on exactly which API calls you'll need to work with I would need to know exactly which version of PayPal Pro they get you on.  Basically, you'll use either PayFlow or DoDirectPayment, and for PayPal you would want to use Express Checkout APIs.

That's about all the detail I could provide and recommend with the info provided.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

We use Maxx Merchants and have been satisfied with their processing services.
I use PayPal Payments  Pro and you also get a PayPal credit card reader
Andrew LeniartIT Professional | Freelance Journalist | Looking for Opportunities
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Thanks Andrew Angell and chilternPC. I had no idea Paypal even provided this facility and there seems to be several options available for a higher processing fee yet no monthly fee which would suit me perfectly.

Very much appreciate your advice.

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