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This may look like a strange question, but is very important. It does not require medical knowledge, but rather technical. I appeal to your brainstorming ideas.

Diagnosis: chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. Afterwards operation done 5 years ago.
The problem is the same. Discussing with many other persons with similar problem – no chance for solution. It is hard to breath, the air seems very cold. Seen a dozen of doctors again, in different other cities. No remedy. The breathing gets you tired.
The nose is very cold many times, like it would be in refrigerator, even if the temperature is over 20°C around.
A warm air feels better, just make the life a bit easier. Sometimes using a protection mask, during sleep.
What I need from you:
- Any idea/suggestion how to warm up the nose.
I already mentioned a mask, but is not comfortable.
Then I was thinking at something like a mold around the nose only and maybe made of a kind of plastic bags, flexible, sealed and with those chemicals inside which they react due to a vibration/sound or anything else that make them react and produce heat for hands or feet for example. Then you boil the bags and you can reuse. The heat lasts for some hours, but you cannot control the heat.
Another idea that cross to my mind was a pair of glasses and to have the nose pads bigger and with a kind of heating resistance inside powered by a rechargeable battery. Then the heat could be controlled.

Do you have any other ideas?
Or maybe to follow the 2 ideas above and have further suggestions how could I practically make it?

P.S. Please do not advise to see a doctor – I have seen countless numbers. I need technical practical advice how to make or to buy a heating device for the nose with adjustable temperature.
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Is warm moist air better or worse than warm dry air? Compare breathing in a hot shower to putting your head over an electric heater (or hot stove when food isn't being cooked).

If higher humidity relieves the symptoms, then perhaps the better remedy is a humidifier (either room type or whole house).

If warm dry air is better, then perhaps you could use body heat to warm the room air before you breath it. A winter breathing apparatus is shown in this patent application:  I assume that breathing through a mouthpiece would be objectionable, but perhaps you could eliminate the mouthpiece and discharge the warmed air in a jet aimed at the nose. A small battery powered fan would power it. If you are sitting still, that warmed air is what you would be breathing.
Buy the smallest, thinnest, most flexible electric heating pad you can find. Fold it lengthwise until it is twice the width of your nose. Put it around your head (and over the nose)  at night. Atach with rubber bands of string.
"the smallest, thinnest, most flexible electric heating pad you can find"
Could you point - link - to such pad?
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There are devices which are used for sleep apnea called CPAP machines which use humidified air and the hose which brings it from the apparatus is heated. The hose is attached to a nose mask that is worn. This could possibly be a solution for night time.
I have such machine.
It is noisy and not comfortable.
Apply 5-12VDC and the fibers in this heating fabric will warm up, creating a little heating pad. It's flexible, light, and can be wrapped around a project. Originally designed for portable wearable heating pads.

>>>>   It's 4.55 inches x 2.77 inches. I doubt you get smaller than that.
This can be carefully folded and around it pull on a cover that has been created with soft fabric.
Find someone, maybe yourself, that is handy at sewing. Slide the cover over the pad.
As far as a power source think about a large heating pad for your back. It is powered by 110 volts.
Not anywhere close to the requirement for the above device.
byundtMechanical Engineer
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Apparently one Alabama woman is making crocheted nose warmers, and has sold enough to get 531 reviews. 

Is she up for the challenge of integrating a USB heating pad into her design?
Alabama woman is making crocheted nose warmer - do not like it. My wife can make such things easy.
The USB heating pad does not seem flexible - how should I attach it to the nose.

the adafruit seems a nice approach, a good flexible solution, cheap and resistant.
I am not worried about electronics, how to control the temperature - that I can figure it out easy.
Remains only one more thing: a mold, something to fit on the nose where such fabric can be integrated. What material would you recommend to use to create a mask/mold with the shape of my nose in which I can integrate that heating pad?
Aah, no.
I am looking for a wearable device, eventually DIY thing if it is not ready-made.
For instance like a pair of glasses and where the pads for the nose are, there to attach bigger pads with adjustable heat, a resistor-heater as nick5 suggested, but for that I have to cut to a smaller dimension, then draws more current and the temperature must be controlled/reduced because goes very high.
And as for 2nd link, that is for the early stages of the nose problems. We speak here about 10 years of problems, forgot the number of the doctors seen, operation at the nose due to a diagnostic chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. The doctors cannot do anything further. The nose is cold as in refrigerator even if it is normal weather and especially during the night. That coldness hurts badly.
Did you try to sleep with a mask or a pad around the nose? It is bad, you get tired. You go to sleep and you wake up more tired than before. It is a nightmare.
Don't tell me to go an see a doctor, because this is what I have done in the last 15 years.
The only hope is for a pain relief, which may be achieved when heating the nose with a device, eventually self-made, that will heat up the nose and to be also comfortable over the night.
Thank you for your thoughts.
I will close the question for the moment.
In case I start build something, I will ask again a anew one, perhaps specific on molding.

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