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Device to warm up the nose

This may look like a strange question, but is very important. It does not require medical knowledge, but rather technical. I appeal to your brainstorming ideas.

Diagnosis: chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. Afterwards operation done 5 years ago.
The problem is the same. Discussing with many other persons with similar problem – no chance for solution. It is hard to breath, the air seems very cold. Seen a dozen of doctors again, in different other cities. No remedy. The breathing gets you tired.
The nose is very cold many times, like it would be in refrigerator, even if the temperature is over 20°C around.
A warm air feels better, just make the life a bit easier. Sometimes using a protection mask, during sleep.
What I need from you:
- Any idea/suggestion how to warm up the nose.
I already mentioned a mask, but is not comfortable.
Then I was thinking at something like a mold around the nose only and maybe made of a kind of plastic bags, flexible, sealed and with those chemicals inside which they react due to a vibration/sound or anything else that make them react and produce heat for hands or feet for example. Then you boil the bags and you can reuse. The heat lasts for some hours, but you cannot control the heat.
Another idea that cross to my mind was a pair of glasses and to have the nose pads bigger and with a kind of heating resistance inside powered by a rechargeable battery. Then the heat could be controlled.

Do you have any other ideas?
Or maybe to follow the 2 ideas above and have further suggestions how could I practically make it?

P.S. Please do not advise to see a doctor – I have seen countless numbers. I need technical practical advice how to make or to buy a heating device for the nose with adjustable temperature.
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