VBA with SQL Statement (Dynamic field names)

Susan Stevenson
Susan Stevenson used Ask the Experts™
I have the below variables but the SQL statement does not work.  Getting Runtime 438 - object does not support this property or method.

Currentfield ="quote_id"

CurrentfieldValue = db.execute_("SELECT LkupQuoteData. & Currentfield &  FROM LkupQuoteData;")

When hovering over the SQL  statement, it is recognising the quote_id as the field name to use and the underlying query is of the same field name.

Any help would be appreciated

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Try adding a couple of quotes:  "SELECT LkupQuoteData." & Currentfield  &"  FROM LkupQuoteData;"
I'd declare a string variable and resolve the SELECT LkupQuoteData." & Currentfield  &"  FROM LkupQuoteData into the variable the use that variable in the db.Execute



Thank you for responding so quickly..

 test = "SELECT LkupQuoteData." & Currentfield & " FROM LkupQuoteData;"
                        MsgBox test - this works as I would expect it to returning the string of the sql statement
                        CurrentfieldValue = db.execute_(test) - This returns the same error as previous :-(

When I run the SQL statement via query wizard, it returns the value I want
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Can you advise what LkupQuoteData is - a table, view, function ......

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Remove the underscore:

CurrentfieldValue = db.execute("SELECT LkupQuoteData." & Currentfield & " FROM LkupQuoteData;")

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I've never seen this syntax.

you could do:

CurrentFieldValue = DLOOKUP(CurrentField, "LkupQuoteData")


set rs = db.openrecordset("SELECT ....")
CurrentFieldValue = iif(not rs.eof, rs(0), NULL)
set rs = nothing
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Ah, true. Execute is for action queries.


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