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SQL Left select, to get a zero when no data is returned

Hello Experts Exchange
I am using Oracle to select data from a database to get a sum of a value, but I want a record when no data is returned.

This is my query;
Select DH.DH_Position,L.LOC_NAME, DH.DH_Name,
sum(NVL(si.si_income1,0)) as Value
inner join LOCATION_GROUPS g
on gt.LGT_ID = g.LG_LGT_ID
inner join locations l
on g.LG_LOC_ID = l.LOC_ID
Left join SITE_INCOME si
on si.si_loc_id = l.loc_id
inner join Department_Headings DH
on DH.DH_Position = 1
Where (LOC_DATE_CLOSED is null or to_char(LOC_DATE_CLOSED,'YYYY') >= 2016)
and gt.LGT_REGION is not null
and si.si_year =  2016
and si.si_week Between 10 and 10 and gt.LGT_DESCRIPTION = 'NORTH WEST AND NORTH MIDLANDS' and L.LOC_NAME = 'CHORLTON' 
group by DH.DH_Position,L.LOC_NAME, DH.DH_Name

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But the query does not work, how do I change so that if no data in the SITE_INCOME table I still get a record stating zero.


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