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New firewall or not

I'm in the market for a new firewall. I'm looking for a all-in-one solution. So far the most attractive solution for price/performace is a Fortinet 100D. The vendor guarantees up to 200Mpbs speed with all the services on(webfiltering, IPS/IDS, VPNs, etc). While that sounds OK for now, I'm just worried that in the near future, I will be constricted by this limit of 200Mpbs and not be ready for the potential 1000Mbps upgrades with all the fiber installs. I know 200 is not bad but the vision of the company is to go full speed to the cloud and eventually have all the services stored somewhere in a data center. Is this a realistic concern? Anybody having any similar experience out there?

Please let me know if you need any other details.

Thank you!
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