Pinnacle Studio ver 19

My OS is win 10 pro 64 bit and I have the above software.  I am still reviewing all the training videos from youtube by Malik Whitaker, but there is one item that I have still not come across yet.  This is the editing, i.e. clipping of a frame or frames from the timeline.  I have the file in the Source and also in the Timeline.  But I cannot get it to display all the frames in the Track below.  Hope someone can please throw a light or if there is a solution in one of the YouTube videos, please let me know the title and the author.
thank u.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAsked:
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Hi jegajothy I tried Pinnacle and didn't like it but if its similar to power director once I drop the video onto to the time line I go to edit mode here I can see the individual frames if you like of the video. I need to mark in and mark out the section I dont want
This video on youtube ishould help you
Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate - Basic Editing Tutorial
This is a video and looks very similar to what I know
Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate Tutorial: Simple Trimming (cutting) Consumer



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Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
In response to merete, thank u for your response.  I tried to download the videomaker, at least the trial version, but it looks like I have to be a paid member to do so.  
At the moment I am happy with Pinnacle, the only drawback is that I have not been fully trained yet, though I am still watching every video out there.  I also saw the clipping video and another one on trimming, but have just to practice more on this.
My reason to evaluate the VideoMaker is due to your recommendation, maybe I might fall in love with this program.  As u know some softwares have a flare to make life easier or just one loves the flow of the program or the user interface, in terms of preference.
I am not into professional, but just trying to do a better job on the video clips that I do as a volunteer for my NGO. Thank  u and regards.
Hi jegajothy, I have never used Video maker nor recommended maybe someone else here at EE suggested that for you :)
Yes Pinnacle has a learning curb similar to the Power Director Ultra x64 from Cyberlink which I use ( images of PDD )
 combined with windows moviemaker  free with windows 7 and has teh edit features, and Nero Vision 10 in Nero Ultimate ( images of Nero Vision )
Cyberlink has a brilliant membership access with everything I needed to know.
Youtube is a life saver.
Let me know if you need further assistance
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Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
Thank u for the inputs, I have now amassed a ton of youtube video lessons to review at my pace.  Thanks to Guru's advise on how to search for authors {advise in another EE solution} made my task much easier.   thank u and regards.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
thank for taking so much time to respond and advise.  Thank u.
Happy to have helped you jegajothy thankyou :)
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