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Does an access list (standard or extended) need to be assigned on an interface, or can it work "globally" if you create the ACL?  I've seen it on a lot of configs where I work, but I don't see it applied on an interface.
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Correct, it has to be applied somewhere. Not necessarily on an interface (i.e. it's used in a routing distribute list).

It is not unusual to see old ACL's on routers.  When I modify an ACL, I do it by creating a new one based on the existing ACL and use a different name (or number).  That way, I can quickly roll back should something go sideways.   I usually document it with a note to delete after some period of time (anywhere from 1 week to 6 months).  But sometimes I forget.
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Hi There,

The access-lists can be used in route maps, distribute list, NATting etc.
For cleanup sakes, a quarterly review to identify the  in use access-list would be recommended.

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