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Fixing big mistake in creating Windows 10 golden image ?


it seems to me that I've made a mistake in creating Windows 10 1511 golden image for Surface Pro 4 and other HP workstations.

Here's the process that I've gone through:

1. Run the Surface Pro 4 and then update it to the latest using the Windows Update.
2. When all update has been installed, I checked the version is Windows 10 Professional 10.10586.164
3. I've mounted SW_DVD5_WIN_ENT_10_1511_64BIT_English_MLF_X20-82288.ISO file and then perform the upgrade to  Windows 10 Professional 10.10586.164 succesfully.
4. when everything is set, I'm creating the MDT golden image by using the Sysprep (Generalize).

Does this method is the correct way to create the Windows 10 for mass deployment ? Because the SFC scannow command result always shows as corrupted in those workstations I've deployed.

So far in March 2016, I have deployed to about 18 Surface Tablets and 7 laptop so far using the above method, now I wonder if it is the correct way of doing it or not ?
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Hi David,

This is for a physical machine eg. Surface Tablet, Surface Books and various different kind of Laptop & Desktop, why do I need to deploy WIndows 10 on VMware virtual machine ?
I agree that you should be using a VM to create the base image. Any model specifc changes should happen during deployment of the image, not during capture. Furthermore, you cannot sysprep an upgraded image as you suggested in your "step 3." If you want pro, you must install it clean and sysprep that.
ok, this is a new concept for me:
1. Insert the SW_DVD5_WIN_ENT_10_1511_64BIT_English_MLF_X20-82288.ISO to the new blank VM
2. install it as normal and then patch it to the latest. Install VMware tools
3. Sysprep it
4. insert the PXE capture image

so how does that going to work for the golden image for the Surface hardware and any other HP hardware model ?
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Yes, I'm usingthe MDT to deploy it to new surface tablets and other workstations.

I've managed VMware Vm in the company, but according to the policy, all VMs must have VMware tools installed.
That policy makes sense for production VMs. But an image VM is not a production VM. If you don't control the policy, talk to whoever does and get clarification. This is a pretty common practice and understanding.
Ah I see,

So this new VM is just temporary for the capture image only with no hardware specific driver I assume ?

after that I can just delete the VM from the VMware environment.
Many thanks for the explanation guys.