Paycrypt@aol File encription

Hi has anyone else got the paycrypt@aol file encryption? I have 2 clients that have now got all there data encrypted with an id and paycrypt@aol. seems to have come down around 9 pm last night.
LewisNetworking Asked:
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First off
You need to remove the infected clients from your network, before it encrypt your entire network file storage.
You need to take and scan all external sources that have been on those machines (staffs USB sticks and the like)
LewisNetworking Author Commented:
it looks like it came down onto the server. the company closes at 17:00 and all the times on the files across multiple sites are 9:20pm.
have you got a back up of the data on the morning before infection?
anyone use your server for anything?
the source will hopefully be from a client desktop, as you probably don't youse your Domain server for surfing and opening e-mails
type "at" in CMD to see if a schedual has been setup.
you will need to see what services are running that you don't know of or have an un known manufacturer.
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LewisNetworking Author Commented:
Yes I have a backup of all the data. I'm currently restoring all the data. checked all the services etc everything is fine strange as I don't know how it came down.
and have you checked on the two desktop clients?
have you got a good AV on your systems?
are permissions set on staff folders so they don't have permissions to right every where, that helps prevent the spread.
if you got logging in place it wont be hard to track down who, how, where and when.

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LewisNetworking Author Commented:
Thanks for your input
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