Windows 7 Pro Updates

Hello all,
I have several clients that do not have a file server so I cannot do a WSUS for the Windows updates.
I have selected to download updates but let me choose when to install them.
That option is being ignored because every time they reboot it installs updates.
How can I overcome this?  Are there registry settings that I can go to and fix this?
Kelly W.
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How are they rebooting?  My experience with this is that when it has downloaded updates, the Start/Shut Down sequence changes to Start/Install Updates and Shut Down.  If the user is selecting that, what you are seeing is the expected behavior.

There is an alternate choice when shutting down to shut down without installing the updates.  That is what they need to select if they want to put off updates.

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K_WilkeAuthor Commented:
I guess I don't get when this changed and why.
Yes you have that option on Windows 10 but on WIndows 7 when did that option start?
I thought that with Windows 7 if you tell it to download updates but not install them unless I tell you to that it will not install them unless you specify that.
It has been that way on 7 as long as I remember.

I actually like how it works and typically use that setting.  Previously I used the "notify me..." option and found that clients rarely installed updates.  This way they install them when they shut down the computer at the end of the day.
K_WilkeAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much
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Windows 7

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