QoS for Skype

Is there any Cisco QoS rule  for skype video calling?
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Skype qos is difficult especially that it doesn't use specific ports for the VoiP channel. but check this they discuss the same question as yours.

MoonLiveAuthor Commented:
class-map priority
  match protocol skype

According to the link, there is protocol "skype" available?  Thanks
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I am not sure if it's a built in protocol ... I guess he created it himself thats why he mentioned it didn't work properly.
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MoonLiveAuthor Commented:
if I need following port for more bandwidth, what will be the command?
TCP 443, UDP 3478, TCP/UDP 50,000-59,999

do I have to create each port assigned like this?
permit udp any range 50000 59999 any
permit udp any any range 50000 59999

thanks in advance
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Are you using skype for business or skype? the ports you mentioned are for skype for business not Skype as far as I know ..

what's your cisco firewall model?
MoonLiveAuthor Commented:
yes. i am using skype for business and cisco 1920.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Skype for business is not an internet service and do not use random ports ...

HP provides the solution for free for basic QoS functionalities .. and btw Microsoft recommends the following to prioritize traffic:

Using Quality of Service (QoS) by marking traffic with DSCP.
Using network equipment that can leverage Software Defined Networking (SDN) and integrate it with the SDN API that Lync/Skype for Business offers

please check here for more

I have used HP SDN VAN Controller (I have written an article on how to install the machine and configure the QoS part). I will try to publish it today on my website and provide you a link if you'd like to use it. it works on Ubuntu server and it's pretty stable.
MoonLiveAuthor Commented:
I would love to see your website and learn more about it. HP SDN VAN Controller may be too much for our company.   Could you give me an example of DSCP?
Is it something like this? I am not sure how to use DSCP yet.
class-map match-any Skype
 match ip precedence 3
 match  dscp cs3
 match  dscp af31
 match protocol sip

Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Jeff Scherts have good article about that .. check it out here https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=82488EABA4ACDB15!27635&authkey=!AFHttNVYAcAWznw&ithint=file%2cdocx

for the SDN VAN controller I have a document I was able to get from HP .. check it out here

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MoonLiveAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  It helps me to where to start. Thanks
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