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Exchange 2013 - All of a sudden OWA attachments are very slow to upload or download

All of a sudden when using OWA/Exchange 2013 it takes forever to upload or download attachments. We did have a memory issue but I just doubled that. Now cpu utilization is at ~25-50% and RAM is at 50% w/ 24GB.

MB server: EXCH2013/CU8, 4 cpus, 24GB RAM, 600GB Database partition/95GB free disk space
We have 627 mailboxes on one MB server. Four of our five d/b's are ~115GBs, the fifth is 55GB.

Speedtests confirm full 50MB bandwidth up and down. No firewall changes. No new s/w installed. All I did do a lot the day before this issue arose was use the Exchange Shell a lot to delete emails in user's recoverable items folder--to free up space. I've done this a lot before with no issue.

No memory issues. Lot of memory. Lots of cpu util available.

Any ideas? Could the CAS or Edge server be causing this?
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Ganesh Anand
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How do you allow OWA Traffic directly to CAS or any LB / firewall?
Did you tried rebooting the exchange after adding memory?
Was the time sync is proper between your CAS/Edge and Exchange MBX?

How the users are connecting only OWA? It could be also browser issue too.
How many users are affected?

Lets start right there.
Any reason you are so out of date? To be in a supported configuration you need to be on the latest, or the previous CU. You are 12 months out of date.
I would suggest installing the latest CU, 12, which was released yesterday. 11 introduced some issues which can cause problems for some admins, so you might want to skip that.

I would also say that for that number of users I would be having at least two, preferably three multi-role servers in a DAG. Single server with that number of users would be a concern.

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Because no other comment was even close to the solution AND I figured it out entirely on my own. Not even by searching other EE Q&A's.