To show rows of data, I should use Table?

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My first SSRS project is going well :)

Now, I want to show several rows of data for a field. I added a table and the SQL statement I added to the dataset brings back 2 different rows of data. This is correct. I see it in SQL Management.

Now, I open the report, and I see 2 rows of data (2 rows is correct) but the 2 rows are the same. It's not like what SQL shows. I even tested the SSRS dataset and it brings back the correct rows. It's just when it's displayed in the table that the first row is repeated.

This is SQL 2014

So, am I using the correct control in SSRS? This is how it looks like:

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Do you need to add a Matrix to your report?

If you already have a Matrix, you may need to add a grouping.  The article I linked above also has instructions for grouping.
No matrix. Just show a few lines of data..the data is contact name. Nothing complicated.
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You will need to use a Table, Matrix or List to display records / rows.  All 3 of those are discussed in the link I provided above (using the menu on the left of the page).

Direct links:
thanks, let me take look.

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