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Can I share a file from my onedrive for business with someone outside our organization?  Like I do with dropbox or google docs?  I can't seem to find it if I can.

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There are a few ways to share with external users, meaning external to your org.

The link below details the ways. Youcan send people a link to a shared file / document that they can access without needing to login with their MS Account or you can share it in such a way that they need to login.
byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
Be sure to test the link for the file that you get from OneDrive...Share dialog. The file will generally open from those links in an Office Online application (e.g. Excel Online, Word Online, etc.). This can be a problem because not all features of desktop Excel, Word. etc. are supported right now.

Your user may see a stripped down form of your file if unsupported features aren't displayed. Worse yet, if the user downloads a copy of the file, some of those unsupported features may be removed from the file before it downloads. For example, textboxes aren't currently supported in Excel Online, and will be removed from the workbook before it downloads.

The workaround is for the user to open the file in an Office desktop application. You cannot use the links from OneDrive...Share for this purpose--you will get an error message if you try. Instead, you must give the user an URL representing the full path to the file on the OneDrive server. In the case of an Excel workbook, you get this path by saving the workbook to OneDrive and then using the following VBA statement:
MyFullPathToFileOnOneDrive = ActiveWorkbook.FullName

If you would like the user to be able to download the complete original file from Excel Online, please support the idea on Excel UserVoice. Microsoft promises to review every suggestion that gets 20 votes, and to prioritize suggestions based on the total number of votes they accumulate.

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bergertimeAuthor Commented: at this point I may be better served by google docs or dropbox.  I'll leave this open a couple more hours to see if anyone chimes in.  Thanks
bergertimeAuthor Commented:
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