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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to create a electronic form in Excel 2016 similar to the attachment which is a form in InfoPath. I'm unable to get a date/time calendar configured on the form. Within Excel 2016, I drilled down into Developer-->Insert-->More Option as mentioned on articles online for prior versions, but do no see this option listed for Excel 2016. Any suggestions or recommendation on configuring this field is great appreciated.  

I would like for users to fill out the form and submit it electronically through Outlook. When this form is submitted through Outlook, I would like a copy of the request to go to the user, supervisor, and HR. When the form is approved or denied by the supervisor, I would like the requestor, supervisor, and HR to receive a copy.

I've also looked at the option of having a Outlook template to achieve this task, but am not very familiar with setting this up.   Access has also been another recommendation, but I'm not familiar with this process as well. Any feedback, suggestions, recommendations for Excel/Outlook 2016, or other avenues to configure this electronic form to achieve the task listed above is much appreciated.
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