Netbackup DAG Client Handshake Issues

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Hi, Server 2008 running netbackup. Exchange 2010 environment. Have used this same policy for writing to tape the DAG01 files for a few months at minimum. Have not had issues.

 Now I attempt to run the netbackup policy DAG01 and it fails, saying error 26, client handshake error..  if I attempt to PING DAG01  I get a failure although it shows the correct IP.. I cannot ping the IP, I can however nslookup correctly.

 any ideas would be appreciated. TY
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Quick check, check if the quorum is reachable from both nodes. Also check for time sync between these two nodes.

From command prompt run the following and post the result
cluster res
cluster group

 Test-ReplicationHealth | FL and post the result.

Login to the dag members and try to ping the ip address assigned to DAG. If it says failure, change / set another ip for dag and remove the old ip and apply. This will not break the DAG. Again add the old ip and remove the newly assigned ip on the DAG and then apply again.

Check if that helps and you could ping the DAG ip.

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