I can't put a "List" on Footer??

Still on my first SSRS report :)

I have a "Footer". I have it because the report might go longer than one page and I need to keep the header and footer on all pages.

On "Footer", I need to display a section for contact names. For example, 5 names. I have a SQL statement/Dataset that brings back the 5 rows of names.

Now, I have the "Footer". I added a "rectangle". I want to add a "list" but it's not in the list to choose from. I tried it yesterday when I added it to another section (not header or footer). So, how can I add a list of rows to footer.

Please see below.
Footer properties
No list
PDf sample
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Arifhusen AnsariBusiness Intelligence Developer and AnalystCommented:
Hi Camillia,

What you want to do is doable but it' s not straight forward. It needs some tweaks in report and also it's not that much easy to make you understand since you are new to ssrs. In the footer or header of report you can not use the Tablix, list or matrix which can have multiple values in data set.

I think you are running this report for only one customer at a time.

Do as below it might help you.

I took an example to demo you. I will have Sales order by customer and in footer i will display all the Sales order id for customer. In you case it's Contacts.

1) Add a tablix in your report.
2) add the data you want to display in the middle part of the report.
3) You can see to section in the bottom of report Design pane.
    One is row group and second is Column Group.
4) At first you can see only detail in Row group.
5) Click on the down arrow in row group and select add group and select Add Parent Group option.
     Select the parent group on the column like if you are generating report by customer. Select Customer as group column.
6) After this you can see new column will be generated in the tablix with the same header as you have selected in the Group column.

7) Right click on second text box in second row and select  Add row after group above.

After you add row. Tablix will be like this.

8)  Delete the first column in my case it's customer. Also delete the Label in the first row.

9) Merge two cells in the second row.
Add Customer ID in that It will act like a header for all the sales order id in the detail.
10) Delete the first blank row in the tablix.

11) I have modified the report height to 0.75 Inch so we can have multiple page.

12 ) Click on the Down arrow in the Column Group section.

Select -> Advance Mode.

13 ) You can see the static Filed in the Row Group. click on that static and Go to Property.

Configure the option as below.


Run the report you can see your header is repeated every page.
We can also do the same for footer.

I can not write all the steps over here.

It's hard for you to understand. I have attached the rdl file. Please have a look.

I have used AdventureWorks database to create the rdl.

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CamilliaAuthor Commented:
Arif, thanks for all your help. Let me take a look.

We only have one more developer here who knows a little bit of SSRs so I appreciate your help.
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