Configuring the SMTP server on Sxchange to forward the requests from inside the firewall.

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I have a 3rd party that need the following configured. My question is this there suggestion below is this common practice? and it is safe?

The SMTP server on Exchange is not configured to forward the requests from inside the firewall.

This article tell you how to do it on Exchange 2010.
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What is the end goal here?
To allow another server to send email out to the internet via your Exchange server?
If so, then yes that is a common thing to do.
The preferred way to do it is via authentication using the Client Receive connector over TLS.
However if the app doing the sending doesn't support TLS then you will need a custom receive connector.
Only if the app cannot do TLS and authentication is an anonymous relay connector created, which needs to be locked down to a specific address so it cannot be abused.



Simon thank you for the suggestion right now the 3rd party needs the relay connector. I just wanted to make sure it was a proper request.

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