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We are in the middle of migrating to Exchange 2013. We are finding that the majority of the profiles being created on the local workstation is "Outlook", which is how we wanted it, however many workstations failed and had to do it manually where the techs out in the field set those problem pc's using the profile "Exchange". Having mixed profiles ok? or am I going to wish they were all consistent later down the road? What kind of issues may I encounter later on if any? Leave it alone or go back and change them all to the same profile is the question...
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The name of the profile has no effect on the end user at all.
I haven't had to use multiple profiles in Outlook for many years - not since Outlook 2010 supported multiple accounts to different Exchange orgs natively.
I wouldn't worry about it myself.

The only way it could cause you problems is if using a script to manipulate the profiles. However a well written script would use the "default" profile in Outlook rather than a named profile, so the name wouldn't matter.



Thanks! I was wondering if I had to do any Group Policy WMI filtering, or something in that line, but you are right... a good script would hit the default profile.

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