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Does anyone know of a way to convert mac mail mailbox to Windows Live?  Pretty much I want to take an entire mac mailbox which is the built in email client on apple and export it to a file that windows live can read, obviously on a windows PC.  It is for a comcast email account, I tried setting it up as IMAP but it only grabs the inbox, and junk mail.  I need to to have my sent mail and other mail folders I made on the mac mail client. It's a macbook laptop running 10.6.8 and Windows PC is running Windows 10.  I do not want to purchase Microsoft Office so I thought Windows Live would work in its place.  Any help would be highly appreciated.  Thank you!
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How large is the storage space in your mail server? Do you think that it can store all mails in yout Mac mail?
compease2013 can you drag the emails from the sentbox to a folder on the desktop of the Mac then copy the folder to the windows desktop open windows live mail sentbox and drag them on?
Put them onto a USB stick to transfer them
I have done this from windows xp and from my windows 7 on another computer that was getting old and transferred them, using the emails from the sent box they have an envelope type not the database style from the import agent
Windows Live Mail also uses Outlook dot com online which requires a Microsoft account if you could open that then get the emails on the desktop and drag into sent on Outlook dot com, This can be done it copies it, well it works with emails anyway, alternatively
 set up an IMAP mail account (GMail) which is free with an( IMAP mail) on the iMAC and drag and drop the mail folders to it.
Then set up the same IMAP mail account on your Windows 7 computer and synchronize!
what export options you have in Apple Mail.
 convert the Mac's mbox file into an eml file
Convert MBOX to EML File

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