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Software to view every email passing though Exchange 2013

I am looking for a way to monitor every email going through my email server.  Or really I need some software to see the rejected emails. On my monitoring solution for making sure exchange is online and working, some times tells me that my email server rejected exchange emails due to policy violations. I haven't had any one tell me yet that an email they were trying to receive was rejected. But I'm worried it could lead to that. Thanks
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Is your Exchange Server Onpremise or on the cloud ?
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If you have Exchange edge server, consider to configure Catch-All mailbox

It will collect all the e-mail messages sent to your organization including rejected messages.
We use MailMarshal its not free but it works great and we use it to archive all incoming and outgoing emails.

Trustwave MailMarshal

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Its an on premise Exchange 2013 server with one other server in a dag.
I was really hoping for a free solution.
Will a catch all mail box work wit just 2 servers in a dag?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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What's interesting is that when I add a 3rd exchange server this is the only time that I ever get the policy violation error.

no free tool available to fulfill your requirement, that's why "message brokers" are popular now a days like Axway Mailgate etc
An additional server shouldn't cause any additional problems, unless there is something different about it. Different patch version, AV software configured differently etc.

I'm using Symantec Messaging Gateway VMware appliance in house, so far it is doing its job very well.