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Netapp Aggregate - Division of data between volumes

I have an aggregate with 8TB of total space that is used for a vFiler. I received some alerts that more than 90% of the aggregate is used. However, looking at the three volumes that make up this aggregate:

V1 - 1TB, 25% used
V2 - 1TB, 25% used
V3 - 8TB, 90% used

It appears that the data is not being spread across the available space and instead all the data is going on to V3.

I have inherited this Netapp like this, so I don't know if this is normal or not. I would assume that the Netapp OS would put more data on V1 and V2 before letting V3 fill up, but it doesn't seem to be this way so far? Is it bad or against best practice to let the aggregate volumes be different sizes like this?

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