Port forward across MPLS?

I have an ASA 5505 at There's a provider managed MPLS router at A host at, across the MPLS, has a cam system at port 8000.

From the subnet I can reach I added PAT on the ASA for this port, and PAT works fine for hosts on the subnet. There is a route on the ASA to the 4. subnet. There is an access-list assigned to NAT (inside) 0:

access-list nat0_acl extended permit ip

So, I know the port traffic is already traversing the MPLS. Does anyone know how I pass through the port forward from the ASA through to the other side of the MPLS?
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You need to make sure return traffic goes back through the MPLS and exits out the firewall.

Usually you'll see a local firewall at your other side. Make sure you route-map that traffic out through MPLS.

Run trace routes to check for this.

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jconklin-ansinc-netAuthor Commented:
There's no firewall at the other side. It's a provider-based MPLS network. They are taking forever getting back to me and this case is preventing me asking other questions so I'd like to close it.
jconklin-ansinc-netAuthor Commented:
No further troubleshooting possible as of right now.
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