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Responsive Website

I have an old hand coded html web site that the customer wants responsive.

I have worked with bootstrap quite a bit recently, always creating fron scratch.

I realize thee are potential pitfalls with things like images and even with the current basic layout.

Can someone point me to a tutorial or docs on the approach to doing this?

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Marco Gasi
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Yeah, that's kind of what I thought too.

Hoping for the magic pill, probably not there.
Never found it :-). Is the site layout very complex?
No, it's pretty basic.

I'm mostly concerned about the Portfolio, Pipe Install & the Before & After pages. But I think you are saying by using the img-responsive class, those will manage OK?

On those type pages I'm thinking of like:
<div class="row">
   <div class = "col-sm-4 col-xs-4 text-center">content</div>


Note sure about the lightbox effect when the smaller image is clicked.

Your thoughts?
You shouldn't find any big issue with that. Your idea looks good and img-responsive is perfect.

Note sure about the lightbox effect when the smaller image is clicked.
About responsiveness? I don't know about lightbox, but if it shouldn't be responsive you can just replace it with Fancybox
Thanks for your insights. I'm working on a page now, one maddening thing, most as expected.
Maddening? Really? Seeing the site it didn't appear to be  problem... If you have some new specific question about this, post here a link to the question so I'll be notified about.
Thank you for points