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Have All Apps Use NIC #1 But Set Only Specific App to Use NIC #2

Hey Guys -

On my laptop (Windows 7 x64), I have my standard local network available via Ethernet and also have a "JetPack" (Verizon 4g hotspot) which I may connect to via WiFi.  What I'd like to do is have everything use the Ethernet connection except for 1-3 apps which I'd like for them to use the WiFi connection.  Most importantly, I do not want there to be any communication between the two networks.

Natively, I would imagine that this wouldn't be possible due to the gateways being on different subnets.  I can set the JetPack to whatever subnet if it helps, though.  I may also connect it via USB tether (where I assume it creates a virtual NIC).  I posted hoping that perhaps someone knew of a way to accomplish this - even if 3rd party software is required.

Alternatively, if easier to make only certain ports use the specific connection, that would work for most things, too, as most of what I'll be using the alternate connection for would be RDP (3389.)

I haven't looked much into it, but have a few initial ideas for how it would be accomplished.  I found an simple command line utility named "ForceBindIP" discussed here which seems to be for this purpose, but don't know if using this would still allow the two networks to see each other / communicate.

I've also used Connectify's "Dispatch" (think it's a different name now) which allows load balancing between two different connections, but don't know if I can do what I'm looking for with it.

Please remember: Security is a top issue here as the two connections may not transfer data between each other.  I understand that any solution for this won't be 100% secure, but need at least some type of layer between them.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!
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