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We had a situation where one of our clients opened up some mail virus and it wiped out all of his contacts.    I have many customers on 365 and some on google business apps.  I can restore from many points on Google.  But with office 365 it appeared, (after many calls on support with them), that you cannot restore if it is deleted.  I was shocked at this.  That is the reason I went to Office 365 to have a full backup going on mail and contacts.   What if a customer deletes an entire folder out of their inbox.  I can't delete it?  The first tech support person repeatedly put me on hold for 10 minutes.  She didn't know the answer.  Later an upper person from her called and said it couldn't be done.  Again, can't believe Microsoft doesn't have more redundancy on this.   Anyone had any experience.  Maybe the many times with calls we always got the wrong person and they didn't know the right stuff.    Can you restore contacts/mail/calendar from Office 365?  Using webmail or Outlook.  It should not matter.
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech SolutionsAsked:
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
There are multiple layers that make sure a person cannot *immediately* purge all contacts (or any other message type for that matter). But items are recoverable within respective timeframes. Unless you take specific actions (such as putting a mailbox on hold), Office 365 will not preserve your data indefinitely.

To your specific case, you can get an overview of the recover process here:
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech SolutionsAuthor Commented:
Looking at the issue with trying to restore from the deleted folder, we tried that first and nothing was there.  probably the behavior of the bug permanently deleted it.  Let's look at the scenario that I do not use Outlook at all and am only using the Web client. And I deleted a whole bunch of contacts from there,  or delete a whole sub folder from my inbox.   According to Microsoft,  there is no recovery.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
You can access both the Deleted items folder and the Recover deleted items containers from OWA as well. The last step (recovering from the Purges folder for up to 30 days) is always a task for the administrator, end users dont have access there. So even if they want to deliberately delete items, you as the admin still have some options to restore them.

A deeper overview of the process can be found in this article and the references therein:

If you want to prevent this from happening, you can use functionalities such as legal hold.

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Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
We recommend our clients use Backupify for O365 which is designed specifically to protect you in these types of situations.
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech SolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  I will look deeper into those options.
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