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Office 365 and restoring data

We had a situation where one of our clients opened up some mail virus and it wiped out all of his contacts.    I have many customers on 365 and some on google business apps.  I can restore from many points on Google.  But with office 365 it appeared, (after many calls on support with them), that you cannot restore if it is deleted.  I was shocked at this.  That is the reason I went to Office 365 to have a full backup going on mail and contacts.   What if a customer deletes an entire folder out of their inbox.  I can't delete it?  The first tech support person repeatedly put me on hold for 10 minutes.  She didn't know the answer.  Later an upper person from her called and said it couldn't be done.  Again, can't believe Microsoft doesn't have more redundancy on this.   Anyone had any experience.  Maybe the many times with calls we always got the wrong person and they didn't know the right stuff.    Can you restore contacts/mail/calendar from Office 365?  Using webmail or Outlook.  It should not matter.
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