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DST Time issue on HP Gen 9 Physical Box with Windows Server 2012...

Hi EE,

Could you please help me out like I am facing issue on HP Proliant Gen 9 Physical Box where I have installed Windows Server 2012 and facing DST time issue. When I take reboot of the server its syncing a time with my Domain Controller but when I see the System boot time its show me system rebooted 1 hours back. But I have rebooted the server before few minutes. I have updated the firmware as well but still issue is not resolved yet. I have checked the server sync with the DC when coming up. But at the time of booting its taking a time from CMOS clock as per "Syteminfo" command. Its taking time with the DC after when its completely comes up. I have checked by "W32tm /query /source" command as well and its taking a time from my DC when its comes up.

Its occurring not only on single box on HP Gen9 but also on all of my HP Gen9 box in my environment wherever I have installed Windows Server 2012.

Thanks in advance for your kind help... Because in this case I have also involved with HP & Microsoft but still issue is not going...
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