Access Legacy Exchange 2007 Public folders using Outlook 2016


I wanted to clarify something I just read on the internet elsewhere.... Can outlook 2016 access legacy public folders on exchange 2007? I have worryingly read it cannot as not compatible and also the same with OWA.

In our environment we have setup legacy exchange 2007 and 2013 running side by side, 2007 has a load of on-going public folders which users on Exchange 2013 will still need to access.  When attempting to access public folders using Outlook 2016 I receive an error "The set of folders cannot be opened. Network problems are preventing connection to Microsoft Exchange", I have configured a proxy mailbox on exchange 2007 as detailed in

If I open an Exchange 2013 mailbox using outlook 2010, I am able to successfully access public folders on 2007 so the proxy mailbox for public folders appears to be working.  Doing the same with 2016 fails...

We are forced down the root of buying Office 2016 now for new builds so I'm hoping that someone out there has a way around this? Migrating everything to 2013 is not currently possible and we are looking to move away from public folders for new projects etc.

Anyone out there with some help/advice would be much appreciated.


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IvanSystem EngineerCommented:

Outlook 2016 is not supported with Exchange 2007..
It has always been that Exchange support's 2 versions up and down from it. So Exchange 2007 can support, looking from up, only Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013.
Those errors come because of it. You have to migrate PF to Exchange 2013 faster I guess :(


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OrionCSAuthor Commented:
OK thanks Ivan, had hoped using legacy public folders we would be OK.. If we migrate public folders up to exchange 2013 am I correct in thinking any users still on exchange 2007 will not be able to view them once moved?
IvanSystem EngineerCommented:

yeah, as far as I know, users on Exchange 2007 will not be able to access PF on Exchange 2013.
If you want that, I would advise you to move mailboxes first to Exchange 2013, and then to move PF.
That way it will work... You have to migrate them in one point of time :)

IvanSystem EngineerCommented:
PS: There is some talk that if you configure OutlookAnywhere both on Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2013 to use NTLM, and configure Outlook clients to use it that way, that PF will be accessible, but I have not tested that.
OrionCSAuthor Commented:
OK thanks.  Tried the outlookanywhere NTLM option along with steps in the link in my original post, works fine accessing legacy public folders on previous version of outlook but not 2016.  We intended to move away from public folders to sharepoint, guess this is happening sooner that expected as not in a position to move all users.
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