Export ALL EmailAddresses in the domain into separate cells

Christian Hans
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How can I export a listing of ALL "PrimarySMTPAddress" and "EmailAddresses" users have in Exchange 2013?

When I try exporting using Get-Mailbox | FL | Select-Object DisplayName,UserPrincipalName,PrimarySMTPAddress,EmailAddresses

I export all the data but is there a way to separate or expand out the EmailAddresses output instead of having it all in one field?

I just want an export that allows me to filter later in excel by ALL domain names actually being used by users, functional or not.

Thanks in advance.
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Get rid of the Format-List in the middle of the pipeline.
Try this

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited |Select-Object DisplayName,PrimarySmtpAddress,@{Name=“EmailAddresses”;Expression={$_.EmailAddresses |Where-Object {$_.PrefixString -ceq “smtp”} | ForEach-Object {$_.SmtpAddress}}} | Export-CSV c:\exportsmtp.csv -NoTypeInformation

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