Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2 Device storage is full

Hi Experts,

I  Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2 with Model # SM-T815 and Android version 5.0.2 and I downloaded Link2SD application and move all my files to SD card instead of device storage, but I still got warning message that my device storage is full?
So, any suggestion to overcome this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
Have you rooted your Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2?

If no, Link2SD application will not work.
HarreniAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot Jackie Man. Yes, it's rooted
Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
Actually, if you read the review in Google Play store,  Link2SD is not working properly with Android 5.

Besides, are you installing the paid version of Link2SD, i.e. Link2SD Plus so that the following features will work.

✔ Link internal data of apps to SD card (Plus)
✔ Link external data and obb folders of apps and games to SD card (Plus)
✔ Link dex files of the system apps to SD card (Plus)
✔ Auto clear cache service (Plus)

If the above features are not working, you will still get warning message that your device storage is full.
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HarreniAuthor Commented:
I'm using the free edition.
But are you sure that paid version will work?
In case of paid version not work, do you have alternative way ??
Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
I am not so sure, but have seen on a number of discussions saying that Link2SD plus (the paid version) is required if you want to have the advertised features which are essential to make more rooms for internal storage.

If it is still a no go, why not wait for the rollout of Android 6 for your tablet which has a similar but better feature of Link2SD plus.

Expandable storage
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KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
Knowing what the current storage is used for is better, than to just find an app and hope it works. For instance, if you filled 99% of your storage with pictures/movies, moving the 1% of apps to the SD will still leave you with a device with not enough storage.
Use the SD card analyzer of the ES Explorer app to get some insight of your storage.
HarreniAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot  Jackie & Kimputer for your explanation
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