ISP to a firewall/router solution.

I have plans of doing business for a start up by utilizing the pricing of coax cable in my area.  I am looking at getting a 50 mb connection with one static ip address at a very good price.  However I have a question about how I would configure my router/firewall.  I have a Netgear Prosafe FVS318G that i would like to utilize.  So when speaking with the cable rep he is telling me they would supply a piece of equipment (i'm assuming a cable modem) that would be set up in "pass through mode" (are his words) and we would get a Ethernet hand off from them.  So I would take that hand off and plug it into my Prosafe FVS318G.  When configuring this router it asks for when using a static ip.  1. IP address (which would be my IP address that the cable company would give me)  2. subnet mask (which the cable company should supply. 3 The default gateway.  Here's where i am a bit confused.  What would I be listing as the default gateway?  As their equipment is in pass through mode and my netgear prosafe would be the gateway for my network?  I only am paying for one ip so would i put that ip in both IP address and default gateway or would i leave the default gateway blank or can I not use this piece of equipment as a gateway router?  I feel stupid for asking this question and feel i should know the answer to this but for whatever reason I'm drawing a blank.

Any help experts?
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sounds like you do know the answer you're just a little over whelmed :)
they should give you the gateway you need to put in.
they might be a smart Alix an say here is your IP
In the hopes they get to sounds smug when you ask what gateway to use.
the answer will be as that's your next hop.

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also "Pass through" should mean all traffic destined for your network comes. they will have no restrictions  or blocking in place as you have your own firewall.
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
That was my thought Stolsie.  Thanks for confirming.
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always helps to have a extra pair of eyes :)
glad to have helped.
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reaffirmation!
Nothing wrong with the advice you've been given, but I wanted to add a warning about a potential issue.  I've run into situations too many times where the ISP has set up the modem/router into a "pass-through" mode incorrectly.  It will no longer act as a router (which is correct) but many ports are still blocked.  The "normal" (web browsing, email, etc.) access methods work, but others may not.  Watch out for this!  If you do run into it, the solution is to push your ISP to check the configuration more carefully.
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
I thought i already submitted this.  Thanks for the advise and reaffirmation.
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