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In Windows 7 - Should I uninstall IE 10 before upgrading to IE 11?

Hi Experts,

I have a virtual desktop environment where I spin up numerous Windows 7 64-bit desktops based off a master image. I like to take very good care of the master image, because so many people rely on it. We are currently running IE 10. I'd like to upgrade to IE 11. I'd not concerned about doing this fast. I'd like to do it in a way which causes the least amount of problems going forward.

I've already tested every website, webapp, and made the necessary GPO changes in a test environment.

In your opinion, what is the most ideal way to upgrade from IE 10 to IE 11?

Examples: Remove IE 10 first, then install IE 11; Download IE 11 then install it over IE 10; or something else.
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8/22/2022 - Mon